Risk Prevention and Environmental protection

BCDS has its own  Labour Risk Prevention department whose objective is a continuous evaluation and coordination of the risks and potential inherent danger to a port environment, that also collaborates with an external technical prevention service. The principles of preventive action are oriented towards our workers, suppliers and possible external visits.

The General Management commitment to preventive training, and the dissemination of rules and procedures, as well as the involvement of all staff are defining factors in the achievement of our objectives.

BCDS is firmly committed to the environmental protection policy. We are constantly improving in energy reduction and environment preservation, always encouraging the use of non-polluting products.

Some of our prevention criteria:

Continuous training in prevention for our employees.

Constant improvement plans both in resources and facilities.

Emergency Plan associated with the “Plan de Autoprotección (PAU) del Port de Barcelona”.

Health surveillance and Mutual accident service located within the Port of Barcelona.

Workshops security conditions assessment.

Fire-fighting pumping station.

Optimization for energy resources.

Work at height security procedures and specific confined spaces.